Kit di Emergenza Invernale

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This winter emergency kit has all you can need in any outdoor situation; it doesn't matter if you are riding your motorbike, driving your car or simply going for a walk you will have in hand all you may need for an unexpected situation. Packed in an easy to carry aluminum zip bag to make you things easier.

Detailed Kit Content:

  •      Folding cocking stove
  •      Tin To Cook / Heat
  •      2x Fire Dragon Fuel Tablets
  •      Matches
  •      Fuel Container
  •      LED Flashlight
  •      Whistle
  •      Mini Compass
  •      Candle
  •      Poncho
  •      Aluminum Thermal Blanket
  •      Zip Bag
  •      Antiseptic wipes
  •      Pencil
  •      Carabiner
  •      400 ml. Folding Bottle
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